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Vecoven SuperJX FLASH Module

Fred is releasing a new module that plugs into the ROM socket on the JX10/MKS70 assigner. It allows download of new code via sysex and also has an internal 16 or 32 Bank Patch Memory instead of one in the Super JX. It also works seamlessly with the Roland or Vecoven M1024C cartridges giving huge storage potential similar to a modern synth.


It does all this using complex logic stored inside a CPLD that manages data to and from FLASH memory whilst presenting the Assigner CPU what it thinks it wants to see. Reading of data is super fast but writing takes 1 to 2 seconds extra than a normal RAM data cartridge, however the additional features more than make up for the minor inconvenience.

Check out the Facebook group for info here.

Jasper Build

A fascinating remake of the EDP Wasp by Jason Lane based in UK.


Website here.

Muffwiggler forum tracking the development is here



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