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SuperJX Replacement LCD Display

A low cost alternative to the graphic VFD will be available using LCD in October 2017. Some early pictures showing what to expect in terms of lighting.

What does it really look like?

The picture below shows what it really looks like, the quality really depends how well the window is cleaned too. In the picture below, the window has been thoroughly cleaned but could go further, the old VFD affects the surface of the window with time, due to heat and atmospheric dirt.





The SuperJX window is “hidden until lit” technology and relies on a super bright VFD behind it. The amount of “fog” differs between the two instruments slightly, the JX10 being much better. LCD and OLED don’t have the required brightness to give a superb looking display but as a low cost option LCD is adequate.

The window has to be very carefully cleaned before fitting the LCD because the old VFD generates heat and leaves deposits on the window that would otherwise spoil the LCD appearance. A new VFD is very bright and pushes the light right through.



Pricing is expect at 82 GBP for JX10 Module and 90 GBP for MKS70 Kit. Available on Pre-order.

Display In Room Lighting

The pictures below make it look better somehow on MKS70 when using a camera it processes the image; sharpening processing and the accentuation of “blue” seem to put it in a better light. In the flesh it doesn’t look as good but is satisfactory. VFD really is superb, LCD really isnt. JX10 is the opposite, the camera doesn’t do the contrast justice, it looks much better for real.



The picture below shows the enhanced Tone mode when using the Vecoven upgrade.


Display In Room Lit With Sunlight


Display in Darkened Room




It doesnt look this good – honest! Camera lies!


Not completed the documentation yet but proven to fit and works satisfactorily.


Pictures below show the JX10 in different lighting conditions, sunlit, room lit and in shadow.



Jasper Build

A fascinating remake of the EDP Wasp by Jason Lane based in UK.


Website here.

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