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We are based in Wrexham, North Wales, UK and really happy to help out users and keep the Super JX up to date, it is such a magnificent sounding synth.

All enquiries please email:


Sourcing A VFD

If you enjoy a little soldering, it is recommended that you purchase the Noritake VFD separately to save money. If you don’t like soldering and still want to save money, then post it to us and we will do the soldering for you when purchasing a Display PCB.

A guide explaining how to source and attach a VFD to the Display PCB for MKS70 or JX10 is here: VFD Sourcing and Attach Guide

Basic Pricing

Pricing does NOT include postage or PayPal fees. It is impossible to include shipping to any country and money transfer methods without someone losing out. Minimal fees are possible if payments are made by using services such as IBAN, “Transferwise” or using existing PayPal account balances.

Items ordered are all sourced and custom made to order, in very low volume. For the very best reliability, all parts are brand new from approved distributors where they can be traced back to original manufacturers. We can supply a receipt on request (non VAT, Sole Trader only).

Current pricing is shown below, prices quoted via email are valid for 1 calendar month.

Description Price
Display PCB with attached & programmed PIC
-Soldering the PIC is the hard bit 🙂
25 0 Ordered on request
Display PCB Built & Tested
-Users source their own VFD. MKS70 requires cable & VFD header (see below)
62 4
Cable & VFD Header for Display PCB to fit inside MKS70 – now includes mounting hardware, adhesive pads & wires 8 4
JX10 VFD Module
-Display PCB, Mounting Pins & GU280 VFD
189 1
-Display PCB, 18cm Cable, Header, wires & hardware & GU280 VFD
197 0
Cartridge Cable Adaptor Blank PCB 6 6
Cartridge Cable Assembly, Built & Tested including 1m of aluminium shielding tape 29 1
Power Brick Blank PCB 4 3
Power Brick Built & Tested 22 1
Vecoven OS EPROM Update (per EPROM) ** 4 5

1 VFD left until next delivery of 4 arrives on 11th July.

Vecoven Upgrades With Display

The Vecoven SuperJX ROM update is for existing customers of the Vecoven OS and is only shipped with a Display PCB or Kit. Contact us if the whole package needs to be supplied together with a licence for the Vecoven upgrade. If you have Version 3.11 or later or PWM 4.5 or later then upgrade to current version to get the enhanced display is not necessary unless you want the latest version of Vecoven software. The ROM supplied is not windowed and cannot be erased and reprogrammed.

Voice ROM Upgrade

Note that the voice ROMs may need upgrading to CMOS types to release more current for the new display. This doesn’t apply to Vecoven PWM users, power brick option, or people who have had an upgrade to correct the issue described below.

When using Vecoven upgrade (not PWM), voice ROM upgrade is sometimes required to overcome a pitch range bug in some early versions of Roland software.

Power Brick

An additional option provided is the power brick. It powers the display separately and gives the following benefits:

  • Reduces burden on the transformer and rectifier.
  • Isolates display ground path from the instrument for best noise performance.
  • No need to remove the Roland Power Supply Board to fit a power connection.

It fits near transformer on JX10 or near power filter on MKS70. It requires wiring to the mains supply on the output of the power filter, so installers need to be comfortable with mains wiring and PAT test the instrument.

VFD Cost Expectations

The VFD is expensive electronics, however it is in keeping with the instruments original design style and actually fits. The VFD module used is made in UK and the Vacuum tube is made in Japan, hence the high cost, however quality and robustness is superb.

Recently, we stopped supplying the VFD at cost with a Display PCB and had to increase the full kit price because of the VFD lead time and having to invest in buffer stock. It is a good idea to buy your own VFD from your nearest Noritake office as each office carries some stock, see the detailed guide on how best to obtain one and solder it to the board. When buying your own display from UK, expect to pay approximately 93 GBP inc post & tax for a GU280X16G-7806A VFD. Price can vary depending on exchange rate and country of purchase.

The development time and supply of parts and kits is just a hobby and is not intended to make any money. When GU280 displays are purchased, the cost has to include UK VAT at 20%, so apologies for the high cost when including the VFD in a full kit, but this is offered if installers have difficulty obtaining it or just want minimum hassle.

For Sale Roland Jupiter 6 & Spare Parts

For private sale from Guy Wilkinson, a fabulous condition UK specification Jupiter 6 with Europa upgrade is available that includes many hard to find spare parts (pots, CEM/Roland ICs) are also included to keep it maintained long into the future. UK cash and collection only. Owned since 1995, full photo set of refurbishment and fitting of Europa. Skilled electronic technicians and equipment used for modifications using electronic engineering company facilities.

Some spare parts are available for the Jupiter 6 as a private sale from Guy Wilkinson. They are left over from a refurbishment project, contact us for details, pricing & shipping:

  • IR3109 Filter IC DIP Package
  • Potentiometer
  • Slider

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