Kits & Build Stages

The project is available in different build stages from blank boards to complete kits.

JX10 Display Module

Fully assembled and tested Display PCB with a Noritake graphic display ready for installation on the Roland JX10 Display Board. Full detailed instructions are available that explain every step and includes experience of other installers where possible.


MKS70 Display Kit

Fully built and tested PCB with separate Noritake display. The Noritake display has a right angled header attached and 14 way IDC cable for the recommended method are supplied. Fitment in the MKS70 is fairly flexible and installers can design their own arrangement if wanted so cable parts can be supplied instead.

Note that this kit can be used with the JX10 too in a less invasive way, installers would have to find a position for the PCB and manually position the VFD using adhesive pads.


Display PCB Built & Tested

An assembled and tested PCB containing all SMD parts and through hole soldered display header. It may be used for installation within the MKS70 or have a Noritake display directly attached for fitting in the JX10.

Installers source and supply their own Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) module. The recommended display is the Noritake GU280X16G-7806A Graphic VFD but two line character VFD displays are also supported by changing a configuration link. Character mode has a similar but different layout that uses a fixed 5×7 font.



Blank PCB With Programmed & Attached CPU

Blank PCB is supplied with an attached and programmed microcontroller. Users have to source all their own parts and a list is detailed in the display PCB build guide. This is the lowest cost option, contains 0805 surface mount components, requires skilled soldering.

Power Brick PCB

Some installers prefer to reduce the loading on the Super JX Power Transformer. The display module can be powered using an external supply and this convenient power brick converts 110VAC to 250VAC mains voltage into 12V. A blank PCB is available and it is populated with 3 parts.


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