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All of the display related components are replaced by the new module. The notorious FIP coil, VFD, transistors, Micro-controller, Latch IC and capacitors are no longer required.

Display Types

Vacuum Fluorescent Display

For stunning performance and “eye candy” whilst keeping the look and feel of the instrument within its original design intent. On request, there is a syx firmware download to emulate the original starburst display using it’s graphics capability.

For replacement VFD, the project is available in different build stages from blank boards to complete kits. For LCD, only complete kits or modules are provided due to modifications required to the LCD to make it fit in the tight space envelope.

Liquid Crystal Display

An LCD character display that is lower cost than the VFD version but still removes all the ticking time bomb issues on the Display Board. With Vecoven firmware and “GU280” suport enabled it presents the same enhanced information as the VFD version but in 40×2 character format. Note that the illumination and contrast is not as competent as the VFD because the window on the SuperJX is geared for VFD and is designed for “hidden until lit”.

JX10 VFD Display Module

Fully assembled and tested Display PCB with a Noritake graphic display ready for installation on the Roland JX10 Display Board.


JX10 LCD Display Module

Fully assembled and tested Display PCB with an LCD two line character display ready for installation on the Roland JX10 Display Board.


MKS70 VFD Display Kit

Fully built and tested PCB with separate Noritake VFD graphic display, cables and mounting hardware.


MKS70 LCD Display Kit

Fully built and tested PCB with separate LCD two line character display, cables and mounting hardware.


Display PCB Built & Tested

An assembled and tested PCB for the VFD type display. It may be used via a cable for installation within the MKS70 or have the Noritake GU280 display directly attached for fitting in the JX10.

Installers source and supply their own Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) module. The recommended display is the Noritake GU280X16G-7806A Graphic VFD but two line character VFD displays are also supported by changing a configuration link. Character mode has a similar but different layout that uses a fixed 5×7 font.



Blank PCB With Programmed & Attached CPU

For VFD, a blank PCB can be supplied with an attached and programmed microcontroller. Users have to source all their own parts and a list is detailed in the display PCB build guide. This is the lowest cost option, contains 0805 surface mount components, requires skilled SMD soldering.

Power Brick PCB

Vacuum Fluorescent Displays consume high current and put high demands on the power supply, to reduce stress on the transformer and reduce noise even further, a power brick can be used. The VFD kit and module can be powered using an external supply and this convenient power brick converts 110VAC to 250VAC mains voltage into 12VDC. A blank PCB is available and it is populated with 3 parts. It is not required for LCD versions.


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