Special Mention

Firstly, a big thank you to the patient customers who have purchased, fitted or fed back information on any kits or assemblies that have been supplied. The appreciation from the community makes it all worthwhile and keeps the Roland Super JX alive and kicking.


Many people have directly contributed and supported these projects.



Frédéric Vecoven for handing over his display project that contained a huge toolchain and concept design. His achievements for the Super JX are particularly remarkable: The replacement Super JX OS for JX10, MKS70, PWM upgrade and of course the M1024C Memory Cartridge. His website covers many other fascinating electronic projects too. Vecoven Website




Keith Meiere for solid encouragement, testing and guide proofreading. Keith has a huge array of resources on his website for the Super JX Synthesizers. Super-JX Website



Alexander Bhinder at Plasma Music Ltd for encouragement and providing first class support for repairs and upgrades for anything music related.  Plasma Music.




Serge Pomorski for detailed MKS70 fitting development and guide authoring. Serge also very kindly provided the music for the Super JX Display video.




MidiMuso-comRob Cottam for his immense creativity in website and video ideas. Rob programs integrated circuits that output voltages and oscillators using MIDI. Ideal for putting MIDI into old instruments, controlling modular synths or building blocks for your own synth design. MIDI Muso