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MKS70 Switch Replacement

Ever felt daunted at the prospect of removing solder from 120 joints and replacing the switches for new on an MKS70? Here is the most efficient and least damaging way of doing it!  MKS70 Replacement Switches



JX10 Encoder Replacement

Here is a guide to replacing the encoder in the JX10 with a modern Bourns version that costs very little and gives similar performance.

MKS70 Noise Reduction Modification

Check out this page for new routing of cables to achieve the lowest noise possible from your MKS70. This is ideally done when performing PWM or display modifications.



Vecoven PWM Modification

The Super Synthesizer Projects page now has details of a fitting method for the Roland MKS70.

Roland JX10 Replacement Key Contacts

Believe it or not, there is an original Roland rubber key contact part available for another instrument that fits in the JX10. Check out this page JX10 Replacement Key Contacts, for what part you need to buy and how to fit it. The final result is impressive, super fast response ….and reliable!

Roland Super JX Replacement Display

Check out the latest project, the Super JX Replacement Display, specially designed to fit inside the magnificent Roland MKS70 and JX10 synthesizers.

Easy MIDI Processing

Midimuso create programmed integrated circuits to process MIDI messages and output voltages to integrate into your own electronic synthesizer projects or products without writing a single bit of embedded software. The devices are configured using MIDI messages and remember their configuration once set up. The manuals show a variety of simple circuits to get the very best out of them.

There are two types of programmed IC:

  • Flexible Composite Voltage Generation
  • Digital Oscillator with programmable waveforms


A Printed circuit board blank, kit or fully built is available to explore all the features of the CV-12 and build into your own projects and MIDI conversions.




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