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New Roland Keyboard Flexi Replacement


With donor instruments and assistance from Jonathan Williams and PCBWay, a replacement JD-800 & U-20 keyboard flexible PCB has been designed and is now available for the JD-800.

  • Achieve the very best performance possible
  • High conductivity allows use of old rubber contacts
  • Straightforward fit, detailed instructions & minimal soldering
  • Full support to get your keyboard working
  • Opportunity to fix Aftertouch
  • Keep instrument original

For details check out Roland Keyboard Replacement PCB. See Availability page for pricing and stock.


Installation of Vecoven Digital PWM Modification

Fred Vecoven has released a new version of the PWM modification for the SuperJX that is based on the JX8P PWM modification. It is obviously audibly identical to the Analogue variety but doesn’t require extensive wiring but de-soldering instead. As well as a neat fit, it reduces current consumption significantly meaning that the instrument runs much cooler. See the fitting guide inside the maintenance section.


Roland JX8P Replacement Display

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of SuperSynthProjects, we have launched!

A fabulous OLED display that replaces the old VFD in the Roland JX8P. When used with the Vecoven SuperJX Flash, it enhances the function with a intuitive 2 line display that helps guide you through the new features of the plug and play flash module.


The two line display set with Vecoven firmware so far implemented is shown below:


A detailed set of instructions are now available that also show the history of the project.


Check out the Development page for a history of the project. From an initial play around in August 2020, this beautiful enhancement helps extend and breathe new life into this fabulous instrument. Some further improvements have been made to the SuperJX OLED module on the back of the JX8P code base and all displays continue to be developed and improved with easily downloadable updates.

A quick run down of the display when used with a Vecoven flash module is shown in this video.

Synth Display Upgrades

Display upgrades other than for our much loved Roland JX instruments, showing details how it is done and what the pitfalls are.

Roland Super JX Replacement Display

Check out the Super JX Replacement Display, specially designed to fit inside the magnificent Roland MKS70 and JX10 synthesizers. To learn more about its development take a look at the design engineering page.

Aurora MKS80 Replacement Power Supply

Designed specifically for the Roland MKS80. A spin off upgrade project inspired by the replacement SuperJX replacement power supply. Take a look at Aurora here.


Roland MKS80 Display Replacement 

Here is a DIY project to fit a new OLED display into the fabulous MKS80 and give it a fresh new look.

Production run of Winstar 16×1 OLED displays in Blue and White have been made to special order and in stock at Peter Connelly Music Ltd. Picture below uses a unit with blue.


This display will also work as replacement OLED display for the Alpha Juno & MKS 50 but note that a special adaptation ROM may be needed. These can be found on various websites.

Peter has in stock, fully tested and ESD packaged, blue and white OLED for £75 including world wide shipping. Part numbers available are: WEH001601BWPP5N00000 (White), WEH001601BBPP5N00000 (Blue).

Please contact Peter directly at address below, If you have any issues please contact SuperSynthProjects directly as spam filters can be a little bit aggressive.


Covering Unsightly Rack Rash

Here is an article for covering rack rash, in this example we sort out an MKS70 that is already in pretty good shape but has a few complex scratches and dents.


Repair, Upgrade & Technical Services

Plasma Music run by Alexander in the UK, is able to offer many music related services that range from a fully equipped Recording Studio all the way to Design and Engineering.

This includes build and fit of all upgrades and kits that we feature on this site, as well as upgrades featured on SuperJX.com and Vecoven.

Plasma Music are also able to offer professional repair and restoration services for many other vintage instruments and equipment. The ideal one stop shop for ensuring your precious vintage gear is looked after and well maintained.

Love our upgrades but unable to do it yourself? Alex is here to help.


Recording the Dark Angel Symphony

A fabulous day out in July 2019 witnessing the recording of Tomb Raider : The Dark Angel Symphony. Composed by Peter Connelly and Arranged by Richard Niles.

Here is a write up and video taken from the control room.


A specially designed OLED display replacement for the MKS70. Using a low width 40×2 character module, it is a simple fit with prepared wiring that only requires the Display Board to be removed and drilled.  A very neat and high precision installation is achieved by use of the original VFD fixing pins.

OLED improves on LCD by having high contrast ensuring a clean display and gives enhanced functionality that the Vecoven software exploits for the VFD update using just a 40 character by 2 line display. Like all other displays, works with original Roland software in single line mode. Availability is shown here.

JX10 Stormtrooper

Fabricio Cantoni has put in a huge number of hours and dedication to create this fabulous looking JX10 all in white. The attention to detail on the new silk screen is stunning. It is running Roland firmware, contains a replacement display whilst being controlled by the iPG800 iPad App.


Here are more pictures showing how perfect the detailing is in the artwork in this unique looking instrument.

Replacement SuperJX & JX8P Power Supply

A DIY solution for a burned out transformer or power supply board. Design information, bill of material and a bare PCB available.

Replacement JX10/MKS70 Power Supply


Restore Aftertouch on JX10

A step by step guide using the best techniques and see how straightforward it is to restore the aftertouch feature on the JX10!

JX10 Aftertouch Restoration


Power Supply Rebuild

Written for amateur and beginners in mind, explaining the reasons and techniques used to sort out the Roland SuperJX power supplies once and for all!

SuperJX Power Supply

Covers “Recapping”, transistor replacement, resistor upgrade and dry joint repair. All you need to know for both JX10 and MKS70 with parts lists too!


80’s Magic With JX10

A song created by Thomas Östberg using the JX10 for all sounds with exception of the drums and a small number of effects. The link below takes you to the SuperSynthProjects google drive and plays in Chrome.

A Song For Guy – Thomas Östberg

It is pure JX10 80’s magic. Somehow, Thomas has rolled so much of that era into the melodies and arrangement. After listening all the way through, one is left with a head full of classy riffs and different ideas, with the meticulous arrangement being kept together with an underpinning melody.

Thomas produces and plays keyboards for the band “Jolly Good” and “Benzin” based in Stockholm. Check out links to Benzin, Jolly Good and YouTube Channels Benzin, Jolly Good.

SuperJX Display Anniversary Edition

Check out the new Anniversary Edition firmware containing a 14 segment starburst emulation to get closer to the 1980’s original: SuperJX Display Anniversary Edition


Roland SuperJX Flat Cable Replacement

Finally, a solution for the nightmare flat cables in the SuperJX. After 30 years these cables are showing signs of the glue drying out and thus when unplugged for maintenance, they often fall apart especially if they have been abused before.

JX10 Display Board Flat Cable Replacement


Humans by Luke Neptune

A fabulous new album by Luke Neptune that uses an enormous number of silky smooth sounds from the JX10 demonstrating it’s prowess in modern music.

You just don’t have this kind of bold lead synth playing in music anymore. Luke has done great service in what is contemporary yet draws it’s influence from the best of the past. Arguably this kind of playing and style had been lost in modern music.

Here is what Luke said about the synthesizers used on this album:

“….The JX10 is the star of the show of your fav track ‘I Can Make You Better’ :mrgreen: It’s doing all the pads and strings and also the repeating saw tooth chord stab that comes in on the first middle 8. In fact that track is just JX10 and OB6. There’s JX10 on After Midnight (all pads). Also JX10 on Do It Now (layered with Juno 60, Ex5 and OB6 for a monster pad)….”

Check out video on YouTube for one of the great tracks on this album.

Available for download:

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/3MoT8V3JQmEJK2my8WjIwP
Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/humans/2107679

MKS70 Switch Replacement

Ever felt daunted at the prospect of removing solder from 120 joints and replacing the switches for new on an MKS70? Here is the most efficient and least damaging way of doing it! MKS70 Replacement Switches


JX10 Encoder Replacement

Here is a guide to replacing the encoder in the JX10 with a modern Bourns version that costs very little and gives similar performance.

MKS70 Noise Reduction Modification

Check out this page for new routing of cables to achieve the lowest noise possible from your MKS70. This is ideally done when performing PWM or display modifications.


Vecoven PWM Modification

The Super Synthesizer Projects page now has details of a fitting method for the Roland MKS70.

Roland JX10 Replacement Key Contacts

Believe it or not, there is an original Roland rubber key contact part available for another instrument that fits in the JX10. Check out this page JX10 Replacement Key Contacts, for what part you need to buy and how to fit it. The final result is impressive, super fast response ….and reliable!

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