Web Sites & Resources

Frédéric Vecoven’s site for Super JX firmware and PWM voice board upgrades. Vecoven Website

The fabulous set of resources for the Super JX instruments run by Keith Meiere. JX-Zone Website

Plasma music services in the UK can repair and upgrade vintage synthesizer gear as well as fit all of the upgrades and kits shown on this site. Website.

Jorick’s amazing blog about buying and fixing up synthesizers that have seen better days and brought back to life. Notably the JD-800 keyboard repair projects.

Tom Virostek’s Synthesizer upgrades, especially the stunning Korg DSS1 upgrade, check out Straylight Engineering.

Excellent cross platform control panel software with an amazing array of panels written by users: For the Super JX with PWM upgrade, Christian Roethlisberger aka: Possemo has written the most amazing panel and it even contains a librarian feature. It makes editing the Super JX with the Vecoven PWM upgrade a joy. PWM 4.x panel

Matrix Synth is a great website for synthesizer enthusiasts that is regularly updated with the latest and greatest of anything related to synthesizers. Matrix Synth Website

Gearslutz, where the Super JX modifications all started. Super JX Mod Thread

Facebook Super JX Groups Super JX : Roland JX10, MKS70 & JX8P

Own a dead Roland PG800? If you have a broken vintage PG800, a replacement CPU/A-D solution is presented on the website Poesboes under the “experiments” section.

Facebook Vintage Synth repair group Vintage Synth Repair

Midibox Sequencer V4 was a great electronics project that was fun to build and use. SeqV4 Website.

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