Recording the Dark Angel Symphony

I had the opportunity to witness a day’s recording of Tomb Raider: Dark Angel Symphony recording sessions at Angel Studios, London.

Meeting some of the fan base, the team, Richard Niles and the composer Peter Connelly was a memorable experience.


Despite the studio being huge enough to house a pipe organ, it was cramped and hot for the musicians.


Musicians were talented and professional. Many tracks didn’t need any additional takes, showing the attention paid to the preparation before reaching the studio.


Here is my favorite track of all, Scarab Puzzle. I was pleased to find it in my camera after listening to it in the album. The album has a long version that is even more soulful with dreamy sax and strings just knitting together pure bliss.

Back in the control room, Peter Connelly (in blue) was directing the workflow and paying attention to details, commanding re-runs of sections that were not in keeping with his high expectations.


Angel Studios houses some fabulous vintage recording equipment that adds to the richness of the recordings.


Some of the instruments were notably fabulous, a harp used extensively…..along with just about any other instrument you could think of!


I am astonished with the quality of the recording and attention to detail in the composition. All music formats are available including lossless FLAC that really came into it’s own on my Cyrus X Power audio system with Acoustic Energy speakers.


Thanks for the invite, it was a fabulous day out and I was pinching myself when in the control room.



Check out the Dark Angel website for more details of this great piece of work and the team that created it.


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