Data Protection Policy

This hobby site is intended to help service the Synthesizer restoration community and support people maintaining their instruments to a high standard.

The technical information exchange required to assist people with their restorations and repairs can be considerable. Here is what we do with your data and communications with us.


People are welcome to contact Super Synth Projects and must note that communications made via means such as email are private and not shared unless specifically requested.

Email correspondence is stored on Google gmail servers in a password protected account and maintained on that system and not copied to another client application, server or database.

Contact is deliberately avoided unless clients specifically request it or have expressed that they require an update or develop a supplier client relationship.

Contact may be re-established in situations where quality control or performance related issues have been found with products supplied or about to be supplied.


Products are not marketed using any stored personal data with sales information only being supplied against direct requests.

Personal data arising from communication is not used for any marketing or sales purposes. Personal data is not passed on to anyone or any other organisation unless specifically requested.

This is a hobby site with very low operational costs, advertising may be inserted by WordPress in the site pages. The content is beyond our control and so may be geared towards your browsing depending on the settings of your device.

Transaction Data

Transaction data (maintained by providers such as Banks, PayPal and Wise) is held on their systems and with their policies, using secure accounts. They are not copied or transferred to another server or database.

Personal data, specifically name, email, address/telephone number for shipping, items purchased & payment reference, in relation to transactions are held in digital from on a private disk and maintained for accounting purposes in line with UK tax requirements. Data will kept for 20 years, back ups of data are encrypted. Paper copies of personal information are not made. Paper copies of invoices from commercial suppliers are filed and stored for UK tax purposes.

Shared Data

People supplying photographs of supplied products or installations are made and kept on a private disk for quality control purposes or help identify issues should they arise. They shall not be used on the Website without agreement and if desired, full credit will be shown on the site.

Links To Other Data

We provide links to other organisations and partners in good faith. We are not in any way responsible for the content of those areas.

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