Roland SuperJX Maintenance

Keyboard Refurbishment

A JX10 guide showing how to fit replacement contacts with parts from Roland that are from a modern instrument.

JX10 Replacement Key Contacts



Encoder Replacement

A guide showing how to replace the JX10 encoder with a low cost but reliable modern one from Bourns. Note that this uses an encoder that has fewer pulses per revolution but still has satisfactory performance and you don’t need to try and hunt down a used 30 year old encoder that wont last. In principle, the MKS70 can take the same encoder but no detailed instructions have been trialled yet.

Roland SuperJX Encoder Replacement



MKS70 Replacement Switches

An easy step by step guide to replacing the switches on the Roland MKS70 in the most efficient way possible.

MKS70 Replacement Switches



MKS70 Noise Reduction

A fabulous modification that routes internal wiring differently on the MKS70 to reduce noise considerably. A full explanation of why it works too!

Roland MKS70 Noise Reduction



JX10 Cartridge Cable

The cartridge cable is in a vulnerable position on the JX10 and can fail if opening regularly or if it was manufactured with it trapped in the hinged part of the casing. this guide shows how a simple PCB and cable modification can put this right and allow the use of the Roland cartridges or the Vecoven 16 bank M1024C cartridge.

JX10 Replacement Cartridge Cable


JX10 Flat Cartridge Flat Cable


JX10 Switch-Display Flat Cable

This article shows how to use reliable IDC cable and box headers to replace the fragile 27 way flat cable.



SuperJX Display Issues

A description showing the failure modes of the SuperJX Vacuum Fluorescent Display, also mostly applicable for other synths with ancient VFD modules.

Some descriptions present ideas of how issues can be fixed by skilled technicians and hobbyists.

Super JX Display Failure Modes



Vecoven PWM Kit Fitting

An explanation of how to tackle the fitting of the Vecoven PWM kit to the JX10 or MKS70.

Vecoven PWM Kit Fitting



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