OLED Displays

SuperSynthProjects has managed to purchase a batch of OLED character displays specially made to order with the correct form factor and configuration. These modules have a specially designed PCB that sits behind the module to ease fitting to the existing display board using location pins that fit into the old VFD mounting holes.

The Display PCB software has character mode support, giving the ability to use other technologies rather than graphic VFD. Note that the display window is originally designed for VFD so this does impact the brightness of the display when using LCD or OLED.

The pictures below, show the OLED display installed in an MKS70. The brightness is not as high as LCD but does benefit from higher contrast.

The pictures below show the OLED module and results when installed in a JX10. These fabulous and moody pictures of his beautiful JX10 were taken by Frédéric Chen shortly after installation.

The JX8P is equally stunning and uses 2 x 26 characters of the 2 x 40 character module due to the display window size

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