Noritake Graphic VFD

For maximum cost effectiveness users can source their own display rather than buy it with a kit.

The display is expensive but it maintains the look of the instrument whilst adding a new dimension. The Noritake display is a full graphic module that represents the latest VFD technology and enhances the instrument and uses the same reliable and optical base technology as the original design.


GU280X16G-7806A reproduced from Noritake Website

There are a number of variants of display available from Noritake. The one chosen is the GU280x16G-7806A and has the extended font set. This version was chosen for very fast plotting of large fonts but also contains a miniature font for labelling screen sections and a 5×7 font for tone numbers on the patch selection display. All other fonts are generated by the microcontroller on the Display PCB and bitmaps are sent to the GU280. Other graphic GU280 display types will not work because they don’t contain the additional fonts and are primitive in functionality.

The display with European fonts is required and is denoted by “A” in the part number. There are other part numbers similar (e.g. GU280x16-7000G, GU280x16-7003G) but they will not work as they do not support the fonts or connection method required.

The GU280x16G-7806A VFD glass is made in Japan and the module has been designed and manufactured in the UK. This particular module is pretty special, it can also emulate standard LCD character displays by responding to the same protocol. Therefore, it can replace a standard 40×2 LCD provided that there is enough power available.

Sourcing A Display

The lowest cost but not necessarily the fastest way, is to obtain the VFD direct from Noritake.


Use the European Website to source the display.

The way that the website works is that you fill up a basket with the required quantity you want, together with your details and they then contact you by email with a price and delivery, they do not take payment on the website. A local Noritake sales office is used nearest to your location.


The display is available from Amazon and is more expensive than purchasing direct or with the display PCB but is usually available for immediate dispatch:

This is only recommended if everyone is out of stock and it is needed urgently.


Farnell do stock the display from time to time and is a very competitive price when available.

The part number is 1495423 and the link is:×16/dp/1495423


The display does come up from time to time on eBay and is generally a little more in cost than going direct to Noritake.


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