Xvive MN3009 & SuperJX

We have tested Xvive Audio MN3009 chorus chips in a JX10 and MKS70….and….they sound fabulous!

If you have a noisy chorus, in a way that has periodic “crunch” or excessive “woosh woosh”, these remakes bring your chorus effects back to the standard they were in 1986!

Obviously these are also good for the JX-8P and other instruments using the MN3009.


We strongly recommend soldering or use of turned pin sockets with gold plated inserts, to minimise additional noise.

Using sockets allows them to be compared easily too.

It makes sense to replace all four at the same time to ensure consistent audio quality on all channels and tones.

To buy these devices, European supplier www.synth-parts.com and USA www.CabinTechGlobal.com

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