Synth Display Upgrades

Some fabulous modifications to brighten your synthesizer using OLED modules. Some displays are available in distribution but we have access to all the solutions and normally keep stock. Many of them use the same set up as the JX10/MKS70 headline upgrade on this site.

More importantly, wherever you manage to source a compatible display module, this area shows how it is done along with any pitfalls. It also shows what is inside these fabulous instruments.

See rest of website for Roland SuperJX maintenance and display pages.

If you need a display fitting to an instrument or any other upgrade shown on this site, Plasma Music in UK offer this service.

Roland D50

Note that the OLED display illustrated in this guide is also compatible with the Roland D550.


Roland JD-800








Korg M1


Korg M1 replacement display in OLED looks fabulous compared to LCD….. Taking pictures of an OLED is very difficult because it confuses digital cameras and these pictures don’t do it justice….. Fit this then sell your old LCD one on eBay if it is still working.


Super Synth Projects OLED Guide


See this page showing important information and care points if using our white on black OLED modules.

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