Roland Super JX Projects

Both DIY build and minimum hassle kits are catered for depending on how much work you are prepared to do to save money. Detailed fitting guides are provided to make it as straightforward as possible.

If you need a kit fitting to an instrument or any other upgrade shown on this site, Plasma Music in UK offer this service. They are also able to offer parts sourcing, build up and fitting of the replacement Power Supply module at whatever stage you need.

Enquiries & Pricing

Pricing does not include postage or PayPal fees. Minimal fees are possible if payments are made by using services such as IBAN, “Transferwise” or using existing PayPal account balances “Friends & Family”. Prices quoted via email are valid for 1 month. For a module or kit, tracked 7 day shipping is usually:   Europe: 10 GBP,  USA/Canada: 14 GBP,  Israel: 14 GBP, Australia: 14 GBP. 

Please contact us by email for final total, a copy of the fitting guide or help in deciding what you need.

We are based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK. For all enquiries and orders please email:


Minimum Hassle Kits

Replacement displays work with original Roland firmware, however, Vecoven firmware upgrade is required to take advantage of the enhanced display features. All of the display related components are replaced by the new module. The notorious FIP coil, VFD, transistors, Micro-controller, Latch IC and capacitors are no longer required.

JX10 VFD Module – 195 GBP

For stunning performance and “eye candy” whilst keeping the look and feel of the instrument within its original design intent. It contains a feature to emulate the original starburst display using vector graphics.

It is an assembly that is attached to the JX10 Display Board. Includes VFD and mounting screws. Replaces all display related components on the JX10: FIP coil, VFD, Microcontroller, Latch IC & capacitors. Wire not supplied.


NEW for 2020 JX10 OLED Module – 120 GBP

An OLED character display that is a great lower cost option than a replacement VFD. With Vecoven firmware and “GU280” support enabled, it presents the same enhanced information as the VFD version but in 40×2 character format, white on black for best contrast. Note that the illumination is not as competent as the VFD because the window on the SuperJX is geared for VFD and is designed for “hidden until lit”. If careful attention to cleaning the window is made, it still looks modern and sharp.

OLED-Character-Pic1 (Medium)

A single all in one assembly that is attached to the JX10 Display Board with mounting screws. Replaces all display related components on the JX10: FIP coil, VFD, Microcontroller, Latch IC & capacitors. Wire supplied.

MKS70 VFD Kit – 205 GBP

The ultimate quality display experience that the SuperJX deserves. Uses a graphic VFD to emulate different layouts and fonts for the very best usability. The VFD is in keeping with the original design of the SuperJX.

A full kit comprising of all cables and mounting hardware for the MKS70. The VFD attaches to the Display Board and a new PCB attaches to the casing using spacers. Replaces all display related components on the MKS70: FIP coil, VFD, Microcontroller, Latch IC & capacitors.


NEW for 2020 MKS70 OLED Module – 120 GBP

A cost-effective module specially designed to adapt OLED to the MKS70. It is a simple fit with prepared wiring that minimises effort required to fit.  Replaces all display related components on the JX10: FIP coil, VFD, Microcontroller, Latch IC & capacitors.

Note that the illumination is not as competent as VFD. This is because the window on the SuperJX is geared for VFD and is designed for “hidden until lit”. However OLED improves on LCD by having high contrast ensuring a clean display.

It is however, good performance and gives enhanced functionality that the Vecoven software exploits for VFD using just a 40 character by 2 line display. The very best results can be achieved by ensuring that the window is thoroughly cleaned to get rid of the “soft focus” effect. Like all other displays, works with original Roland software.

Options & DIY

SuperJX / JX8P Power Supply Bare PCB – 32GBP

A bare PCB for building the replacement SuperJX Power Supply, price includes shipping by first class airmail. This item is always shipped separately from kits that may be ordered.


Display PCB

For driving VFD modules, the Display PCB can be purchased on its own. Firmware version history is shown here. Can be enhanced to support OLED & LCD and provide an upgrade path for experimenters, ask for more information. Note that this is not the most optimal, nor easy to fit solution for OLED or LCD.


Price List & Stock

Description Price
JX10 VFD Module – Noritake GU280 on PCB with fitted mounting pins & screws 195 8
JX10 OLED Module – 40×2 character display on PCB with fitted mounting pins & screws 120 1
MKS70 VFD Kit – Noritake GU280, Display PCB, cable & hardware 205 7
MKS70 OLED Module – 40×2 character display & hardware 120 5
OLED module 40×2 character for retrofit into DX5, DX7IIFD, D550, D50 or Korg M1. This requires confidence, electronic knowledge and soldering skills to fit. This display is tested and validated for compatibility. This is not a Winstar display and is same specially made one used in JX10 OLED kit. 62 10
Korg M1 OLED Replacement Display Kit Coming Dec 2020
Display PCB for VFD Built & Tested – Users source their own VFD. MKS70 requires cable, VFD header and mounting hardware (see below). 70 17
Cable & VFD Header for Display PCB to fit inside MKS70 – now includes mounting hardware, adhesive pads & wires 15 10
MKS70 LCD kit to OLED conversion. Simply remove front panel & switch board, unscrew LCD to replace with new specially made OLED module. 65 1
Cartridge Cable Adaptor Blank PCB for JX10
Price includes shipping. Order by special request, 3 week lead time
15 1
Replacement SuperJX Power bare PCB
Price includes shipping.
32 2

More OLED displays are expected Nov 2020.

Sourcing Your Own VFD

If you enjoy soldering, you can purchase the Noritake VFD separately to save money. A guide explaining how to source and attach a VFD to the Display PCB for MKS70 or JX10 is here: VFD Sourcing and Attach Guide

VFD can be purchased via Telephone (they don’t respond to web or email orders!) from your nearest Noritake office as each office carries some stock. See the detailed guide on how best to obtain one and solder it to the board. When buying your own display from UK, expect to pay approximately 95 GBP inc post & tax for a GU280X16G-7806A VFD. Price can vary depending on exchange rate and country of purchase.

Based in UK

We are based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK and really happy to help out users and keep the Super JX up to date, it is such a magnificent sounding synth.

Items ordered are all sourced and custom made to order, in very low volume. For the very best reliability, all parts are brand new from approved distributors where they can be traced back to original manufacturers. We can supply a receipt on request (non VAT, Sole Trader only).

Printed Circuit Boards all have traces of non corrosive flux present as part of a “no clean” process. Cleaning is avoided so that coating is not damaged on SMD components that would otherwise make them vulnerable to moisture.

The development time and supply of parts and kits is just a hobby and is not intended to make any money. When GU280 displays are purchased, the cost has to include UK VAT at 20%, so apologies for the high cost when including the VFD in a full kit, but this is offered if installers have difficulty obtaining it or just want minimum hassle.

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