SuperJX Display Firmware Versions

Here is a list of firmware versions that have been released since the display project began. There have been two minor bug fixes and a few feature additions to support new upgrades and display types.

Depending on your configuration it may be that you need update your display firmware to support new upgrades, for example, the Vecoven SuperJX Flash requires 1.03 for 16 bank and 1.04 for 16 or 32 bank version to display the internal bank number.

Contact us for a system exclusive file if you wish to upgrade. A Vecoven firmware upgrade is required to download new firmware into the DisplayPCB.

DisplayPCB Firmware

1.00: January 5th 2016

First version of the SuperJX display supporting the Noritake GU280X16G-7806A using hardwired /BUSY handshaking requiring J2:1-2 link setting on GU280.

1.01: February 25th 2016

Character mode support to drive LCD and OLED displays.

Removal of hardwired handshaking so that J2:1-2 link doesn’t have to be set on GU280 at expense of update speed that is not noticeable in use.

1.02: March 17th 2017

Added MKS70 Keymode notification handling.

Workarounds for correct display of upper and lower bars and parameter highlights when sending MIDI controller messages and the display option has been set.

1.03: April 2nd 2017

Added support for display of internal memory bank for SuperJX Flash 16 bank version.

1.04: November 27th 2017

Added support for display of internal memory bank selection for SuperJX Flash 32 bank version.

1.05: December 4th 2017  Anniversary Edition

Emulates the original Roland 14 segment starburst display using vector graphics. This is by request to emulate the old display as much as possible and has been a lot of fun programming and integrating with the firmware. Great if you get bored of the other layouts.

Instructions and more information: SuperJX Display Anniversary Edition


1.02: January 5th 2016

First release, graphic VFD display only & requires BUSY signal set via J2 link on GU280.

1.03: February 25th 2016

Character display support having two build options for LCD or GU280.

Remove /BUSY handshake signal requirement for ease of installation.



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